Friday, December 6, 2019

Review of Gilded Lily by Staci Hart

By Staci Hart

“God, she was pretty when she was mad. Shame she had a boyfriend.”

Oooh, Staci I was not ready for this installment of the Bennet Brothers series! Coming Up Roses was one of my favorite Hart books thus far and I can honestly say that this may have outdone it for number one in my books. 

Gilded Lily was almost an inverse of what we normally see in a romance novel and I was DIGGING IT! Kash is the sweetest, most patient, honest fantasy men I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I mean how many novels do you open to find a man with an unending well of patience and a propensity for taking care of women. UGH!

“She can get as mad as she wants, I wont get riled. I’ll hold the bucket so she can sump all her rage into it, and when she's empty of it, I’ll get whatever done that she needs done. Trust me when I promise you this—Lila Parker cannot get to me.”

Oh, Kash, you sweet, silly bastard. 

Lila Parker walks into his greenhouse after finally giving in and hiring the Bennet’s for one of the biggest wedding contracts of her career. And no one was ready for the hellfire that was going to follow in her path.

Lila Parker just so happened to be coordinating with the Bennet family—and Kash—right before walking in on her boyfriend nailing the sister of her client. In the entryway to the house they live in together. And Natasha just gave her a big, homewrecking grin. 

Clearly, Lila has a lot on her plate, and the addition of the hot gardener is pushing her over the edge. But, just maybe, she needs one big swift push. 

“Nature’s a curious thing. Sometimes it disguises one this as another, hides its nature to protect it.”

The back and forth that Hart created between Kash and Lila is unlike an of her previous writing. The entire Bennet series is so eloquently written. It’s lyrical, it’s beautiful, and Hart’s book have the distinct privilege to sit on a small shelf of books that actually make me laugh out loud. And her sex scenes are fantastic—that’s a big feat in my book.

Although Kash was our main man in this novel, Lila Parker was the shining star of this story in my mind. I found myself relating to her far more than I thought I would. I think a lot of women overload themselves with pressure in both their personal lives and careers, so to see this leading lady kick ass in so many parts was refreshing. But, even more refreshing, was getting to go through her breakdowns with her. She needed the right man, and Kash was there with wide open arms and an easy smile. 

It doesn’t hurt that he’s got ripped muscles and a firm belief that ladies always come first. 

“I know it’s not much, but Kash—the way she talked about you was not like you were disposable. Weirdly, she asked me if you liked dogs. She might as well have asked how many kids you wanted to have.”

I agree, Luke.

I haven’t even touched on the plot that is unfolding with the Bennet family as a whole, and I’m not even going to. Reason being—this shit is NUTS. You absolutely must pick this book up to find out what has been going on with the business, and where we’re heading in the next book (helllloooo Marcus). You guys seriously aren't going to believe the story that Staci has written for us—it’s juicy as hellllll!

Seriously, go get this book. IF you need another reason—the cover is gorgeous and your bookshelf wants it.

Thanks as always to Staci and her team. I love being on your ARC team <3

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