Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Review of Neat by Kandi Steiner

By Kandi Steiner

“You’re interesting, Logan Becker.”

I was so over the moon excited for the next installation in this series! The Becker brothers are so easy to love, and Mallory Scooter took the words right out of my mouth when she said that Logan Becker was interesting. 

“ ‘You made me Greek food.’
I grabbed the back of my neck. ‘You said it’s your favorite.’
‘Once,’ she reminded me. ‘Like…in a passing comment. I can't believe you remembered that.’
‘I listen to you,’ I said on a shrug. ‘And I have a pretty good memory.’ ”

Ohhhhhmygawdddd Logan-freaking-Becker. I could write a thesis on why all men should read this book and take notes. Let’s start with the fact that he is an avid reader. ‘Kay, boys, start there. But in all seriousness, Logan is the epitome of a good man. He works his ass off, he loves his momma more than life itself, his passions are far-reaching, and he knows exactly how to treat a woman. Case and point in the above quote, the man LISTENS and acts on the information he learns. 

Watching (yeah yeah, I know reading, but if you’re not visualizing you’re doing it wrong) Logan Becker fall head over heels in love is a masterpiece, and it’s only fitting that Mallory is quite literally the artist in this story. Forbidden romance is always a steamy trope, but the reason these two families hate one another goes beyond a petty rivalry.

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