Thursday, August 1, 2019

Review of Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart

Coming Up Roses
By Staci Hart

I loved every corner of that store, every flower, every petal, every stem. I loved the greenhouse. I loved Mrs. Bennet. I loved creating, and I loved making something beautiful.
I didn’t hate anything at all.
Except for Luke Fucking Bennet.

I am always overjoyed when Staci announces a new novel, and the second I saw the cover of Coming Up Roses I knew Staci was going to give this novel an inside that matched the beautiful outside. Being honest, I think the only Hart novels I haven’t read are the books in the Austen series. So, I wasn’t as familiar with the connection to the previous series—BUT I didn’t need to be familiar in order to fully understand and enjoy this novel.

And enjoy it I did. I want to start this review by expressing how insanely impressed I am by the amount of research that Staci must have done for CUR. I mean, this could have literally been written by a florist. I was googling flowers and imagining all the beautiful creations. For a written medium, it was so fucking visual.

Tell me that’s not incredible.

Never had my very presence seemed to offend someone so deeply. The knowledge rankled me. Really, it was the lack of knowledge that got under my skin. I didn’t know what I’d done—or not done—and I had the distinct feeling that asking her would only end with me getting snapped at and evaded.

What I love most about Luke Bennet is that everyone knows a man like him. The man that we all assume is sleeping around because he’s shallow and has little regard for feelings—but in reality, they’re deep and ready for that commitment. Luke is so multifaceted. He’s truly torn apart about the fact that Tess is so put off by his very presence, and in trying to convince her he’s not a bad guy we might just get to watch those enemies become lovers.

All the while, I wanted to both hug and holler at Tess. She has her hands—and heart—full to the brim, and the reappearance of Luke in the store has started causing her it all to spill over the edges. The loss of her mom is clearly still a very heavy weight on her chest, and it’s hard to get a moment of relief when she lives with her wheelchair laden father in a home that’s essentially a memorial of her mom.

Every day, Luke surprised me. It seemed to be a knack of his. I didn’t think I’d ever enjoyed being so wrong.

The love story that blooms in between the pages feels fresh and new with the research and love of the author shining through on every page. Tess and Luke feel like real friends, and the kooky family around them—and in the flower shop—is a Hart original that is sure to make any reader turning the page and begging for the next book.

The Hart and soul is in the writing, and it only takes one page to get you hooked.

Thanks, as always, to Staci and her team. I love being on the ARC team and spreading your words!

I can't wait for Kash’s book!

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