Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Review of Work in Progress by Staci Hart

By Staci Hart

“I daydreamed for a moment as they conversed around me that I’d find someone someday, too. That somehow I’d meet a man who would see all the things I thought were faults and love every one of them until I did, too.”

Oh, Staci, this is your best work. I mean it. 

Work in Progress is the next installation in the Red Lipstick Coalition books, and that’s all I need to know for it to become a must-read. Those girls are EVERYTHING. I say this every time I read an RLC novel, but the friendship between those girls is something I strive for in my own life. They are light and positivity, but they’re also honest and they tell each other the hard truths. And what’s so goddamn refreshing is that these women are all finding love, but the love they have for one another doesn’t take the backseat to their newfound romances. They still make time, they still call and text, they still meet up for weekly drinks, and they always put each other first. 

Sweet, sweet Amelia. I’ve been waiting for her book since Staci dropped the *married* bomb on us is Player. How would our debilitatingly shy Amelia end up married?! Well, because she has a heart of fucking gold. That’s how. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Review of Be The Girl by KA Tucker

By KA Tucker

“Is it normal for a sixteen-year-old to carry this much regret in her short life already?”

From the moment KA started dropping hints about this book I knew it was going to be amazing.

I was right.

Aria Jones is getting a new life at a new school in a new province alongside her recently divorced mother. The relationship between the pair is strained, but the full breadth of the rift is unknown to us in the beginning of the book. When they get to their new house, The Jones family is immediately greeted by the Hartfords—their new neighbors.

Cassie Hartford is a gem. She’s kind and generous, charismatic as all get out, and she has autism.

Kids can be assholes, and no one knows that better than Aria. The two girls befriend each other quickly, and that friendship includes a protective big brother named Emmett.

  ‘I hate you right now.’

With a devastating grin, he seizes my hand and pulls me into him. ‘No, you don’t.’

It takes me a moment to gather my courage and tip my head up to meet his eyes. ‘I do, though. A little bit.’

His gaze flitters to my mouth, making mt heart race all over again for him. He shakes his head. ‘Not even a little bit.’

‘No,’ I finally whisper, swallowing against my rash of nerves, aching for him to kiss me. To really kiss me.”

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