Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Review of The Ex Effect by Karla Sorensen

By Karla Sorensen

“Oh, I knew Matthew Hawkins all right. My sister’s ex-fiancé, and the man I’d had a ridiculous crush on in high school, simply because he’d been nice to me. And now he was going to be one of the men in the locker room across the hall.”

Okay, first and foremost, this book solidified my want to be on team #Karla’sFanGirls. The Bombshell Effect blew me out of the water, and I was beyond excited when I saw the gorgeous cover of The Ex Effect pop up in my Kindle. 

If the above quote didn’t show this, then I’m here to tell you that Karla throws you directly into a story in the best kind of way—and her characters are fun, loveable, and drool worthy. 

We were briefly introduced to Ava in TBE, and even then she was fierce and incredible. 
Ava is beautiful and broken and everything real. She is the embodiment of the mommy and daddy issues that so many face, and she's living in the shadow of her perfect older sibling. That right there is some f*&king PLOT building shit yo! 

Add Matthew Hawkins to that equation, though, and Ava starts to crumble. 

“This might seem difficult to believe, but once you’ve seen one naked football player, you’ve seen them all.”

At least, Ava thought this was true. 

Matthew Hawkins come barreling back into Ava’s life, and out of retirement to play for the Washington Wolves. Within literal moments of being at the facilities Ava is giving Matthew her number and offering to show him around his new city. And within hours she is walking around the city with him playing tour guide, and catching up with her old friend.

“ ‘If you don’t want to come in,’ I told him quietly, ‘you need to say it now. I won’t be pissed, and I won’t hold it against you.’

‘I want to come in.’ ”

From there it was history. The two fit together perfectly. Well, perfectly other than the fact that Ava was terrified about what her judgmental family would say about her new relationship. Because of this, Ava keeps Matthew an arms distance away, and it starts to wear him down. 

The love between these two was instantly palpable to the reader, and I found myself rooting for her to show up to her sisters vow renewal with Matthew on her arm. Shove it right in her asshole family’s faces. Be that as it may, she plans to go to the vow renewal alone. Outside forces have something else to say about that, though. 

Ava and Matthew need to face the issues that have been slinking through the shadows behind them, and it’s not going to be pretty. 

“You don’t get extra points for how long you hold on to the feeling of being wronged.”

Karla nailed these characters right on the head and I soaked up every single word. The issues are those that so man can relate to, and the repercussions from those issues are so damn real. Also, the girl gang Ava has with Ally and Paige makes me feel all warm and giddy inside. Ava and Matthew deserve it all. Ava, especially, deserves happiness and to build a loving family of her own. Karla built that for her.

Now, I just need a book for Paige ;)

Thank you, as always, to Karla and Enticing Journey for the ARC 

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