Thursday, December 13, 2018

Review of Where Bad Boys Are Ruined

By: Holly Renee

“Brandon is the devil.”
“But he's a handsome devil, huh?”

HOLLY. First of all, you have cemented yourself as one of my favorite authors. You have written some of my favorite characters of all time, and I sincerely hope you never stop. 

Diving back in to The Good Girls Series is as simple as slipping back into those old habits when you’re seeing a good friend for the first time in a while. Forbidden Ink feels like a home away from home. Livy and Staci found their happily ever afters with Parker and Mason, but at the end of Where Bad Girls Go to Fall all I could think about was when Brandon would get his HEA as well. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Review of The Ex Effect by Karla Sorensen

By Karla Sorensen

“Oh, I knew Matthew Hawkins all right. My sister’s ex-fiancĂ©, and the man I’d had a ridiculous crush on in high school, simply because he’d been nice to me. And now he was going to be one of the men in the locker room across the hall.”

Okay, first and foremost, this book solidified my want to be on team #Karla’sFanGirls. The Bombshell Effect blew me out of the water, and I was beyond excited when I saw the gorgeous cover of The Ex Effect pop up in my Kindle. 

If the above quote didn’t show this, then I’m here to tell you that Karla throws you directly into a story in the best kind of way—and her characters are fun, loveable, and drool worthy. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Review of American Parable Book II by Christian Sterling

Christian Sterling has a way of surprising me.

The American Parable series falls outside of my typical genres/reads, but each time I open the pages to a new installation I’m sucked right back into the incredible world he’s built.

I was highly anticipating the release of Breaking Chains after the cliffhanger we were left with in Ashes and Embers. And for the love of God I CANNOT wait to find out who Kind Eyes and Dark Eyes are! The little games they’ve been playing for the entirety of the books are enthralling.

In this installmentwe see our three main gangs—The Cenizas, The Young Guns, and The Revelators—team up in a way that we wouldn’t have dreamed of in the first book. The looming presence of a larger threat has them meeting and discussing allying terms as well as the necessary steps to ensure the survival of their clubs.

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