Monday, October 22, 2018

Review of The Wrong Game by Kandi Steiner

By: Kandi Steiner

“So, unlike a normal woman discovering her husband’s infidelity, I did not cry or scream or throw objects across the room when I learned the truth. No, instead, when I found the first sign of his indiscretions, I made a check list. And I checked items off that list with a mixture of both dread and satisfaction.”

When you start a book on this note you know it’s about to rock your freaking world. I was literally hooked from the very first line of this book.

 Now, Kandi is my girl and I always grab her books immediately, but this time was different. This writing, and this f*cking plot BLEW MY MIND.

I thought I knew where this story line was going, but I was oh so wrong, and it was so much better.
I’m an avid romance reader, but I’m new to sports romance novels. If they turn out like this, I’m going to real a hell of a lot more of them. Something I really loved about this entire reading experience, is that I know Kandi is actually a huge football fan. I see her snaps and posts and stories front and center at the Buccs games, and I know that this book was written with the utmost care and love for the sport.

This book was written with love, and it shows.

Gemma finds out her husband is cheating on her. And on the day she plans to leave him, she also finds out he has cancer. He is going to die, and soon. My heart literally broke for her right then and there on that page. She stays faithfully by his side until the day he dies and buries the secret of his infidelity along with him.

People, this is ONLY THE PROLOGUE.

Gemma is a changed woman after this and decides she’s done with love, but maybe not done with men.

And, well, fate—and Zach Bowen—had something else in mind.

Zacch Bowen is the man that every person dreams will burst into their lives. He is caring, and funny, and in touch with his emotions. He’s also smokin’ hot, and has his heart set on Gemma Mancini.

“The thought that I could be just friends with that woman was ludicrous, and yet somehow, I knew I’d go to that game tomorrow and sit beside her, and try to be around her in whatever capacity she’d let me—simply because I wanted her that bad.”

The pair battle back and forth between attraction and Gemma’s need for control and distance. And what follows is one of the most genuine love stories I’ve read in a long time. They both have some serious issues they need to work through, and although it causes some hitches in the blooming relationship I LOVE that Gemma is prioritizing her mental health and needs.

Also, I ADORE her best friend Belle. She’s supportive, and loving, and wants the best for Gemma, but she’s not afraid to slap sense into her when that’s what the situation calls for.

“ ‘If he leaves, or you leave, if one of you changes your mind and this whole thing goes down in flames? Well, at least you tried. And at least you got to feel the kind of love most people dream about. At least, for even a few short step in this life, you got to have someone walking beside you—someone holding your hand and caring whether or not you’re okay.’ She swallowed. ‘That alone is worth the risk.’ ”


I’ve loved Kandi since I discovered her a year or so ago, I review every book she puts out, and I didn’t think she could top Whiskey, but this book is next level. As always, she delivers the angst, but this time there’s just something *more* inside the pages. It’s magical, and relatable, and it’s just so apparent that Kandi put her heart and soul into this book.

If you haven’t already, head to Amazon and one-click The Wrong Game.

As always, I want to thank Kandi & Social Butterfly for the ARC. I love working with you guys.

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