Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Review of Player by Staci Hart

By Staci Hart

Okay, Staci, I have so many feelings about this book, and so many feelings because of this book. Player has become my new favorite Staci Hart book. 

“Being slender in not all there is to life.”

Val is my superhero. 

I have so many things I want to say about Val that I literally feel like I’m about to word vomit all over the place. At the beginning of this book I was absurdly annoyed with Val’s inner dialogue because it sounded JUST like the thoughts that flitter through my own head day in and day out. 

I am fu*king annoying—and Val taught me that. 

She is one of the most real and relatable characters that I’ve ever read about, and it’s alarming and enchanting and just everything that a reader doesn’t know they need until they have it. 

“The girls you idolize and idealize and compare yourself to so very rarely interest me. But you interest me. I just hope one day you'll believe me when I say it.”

The relationship that starts between Sam and Val is so beautiful. He is the friend and hype-man that Val so desperately needs, and the hype is real. The compliments are real. The attraction, the laughs, the cheesy pickup lines, and the frickin’ HEAT between them is so so real. 

“He smiled back, tracing my face with his gaze. ‘You are incredible, Valentina.’ His voice was rough, his calloused fingers rougher as they brushed my chin, my jaw, the hollow behind my ear.”

The romance between the two was a natural bloom. 

This is some of Staci’s best, most charismatic, romantic writing, and it’s so exciting to be along for this ride with the ladies of the Red Lipstick Coalition. Rin and Val have blown my mind, and I’ll never stop talking about how important it is that they have an incredible friendship. 

I’m not allowed to reveal any spoilers, otherwise I would be SCREAMING about a couple details that Staci tried to slip in there nonchalantly at the end. I know she knows what I’m talking about because I ALL CAPS LOST IT and blew up her inbox about it.

Thank you as always to Staci Hart and Social Butterfly PR for the ARC. I love reading your words!

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