Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Sharp Objects HBO Adaptation

Sharp Objects
Written by: Gillian Flynn
Adapted for HBO

I’m breaking away from my normal review post to talk (RAVE) about the book-to-screen adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects.

This is one of my favorite books—of all time. This one kept me up at night reading, and then also kept me up at night because it was SCARY. I would categorize the book as mystery/thriller/fiction, and the fact that the story had me truly afraid to close my eyes was incredible.

When I first saw Amy Adams had been cast as Camille Preaker I was skeptical. Adams, in my mind, still existed as the actress from Enchanted and Leap Year. HOLY SHIT I was SO wrong. Amy Adams became Camille Preaker—scars and all. She embodied every description Flynn wrote about Camille, and now I couldn’t imagine a single other actress playing the part. She was otherworldly.

While I’m on the rave-train: Patricia Clarkson & Eliza Scanlen were everything they needed to be and more in their portrayals of Amma and Adora. There is nothing I can write that will explain how off these characters are portrayed by Flynn in the books. Her writing is ethereal, and the characters are a specific brand of strange. The writers/casters for HBO did SUCH an incredible job. The town was perfect, and Amma and Adora were the embodiment of the strangeness, exactly as they should have been.

This is a slow burn story and the mini series length was perfect. This allowed so many details to be included that otherwise would have been cut from a feature length film, and I just can't stop singing its praises.

***if you haven’t yet read the book or watched the series stop reading here***
**I'm serious—spoilers ahead!**

The ONLY thing I felt was lacking in the series that was stressed in the book was the obsession with the doll house. I understand that in a visual story it could have been too much of a giveaway for the teeth in the floor at the very end, but I feel like Flynn really stressed Amma’s obsession in the book. It added to the strangeness of her character and when compared with her age helped to make her seem more off.

Again, before anyone comes marching with flames and pitchforks, I LOVED the series. It is hands-down the BEST book to film adaptation that I have ever seen. But, having watched this with my fiancé who didn’t read the book, I could tell there were details that would have really helped had they been stressed more strongly.

Overall, I give this series a 4.5/5 for their screen adaptation. I am so on board with HBO’s initiative to produce strong female-led series and movies. Give me all the mini-series, movies, etc.! 

I think Gillian Flynn should be insanely proud of this adaptation…and I also think she should write another book (smiles mischievously). 

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