Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Review of I Know You Know

I Know You Know
By: Gilly Macmillan

“You have to ask yourself: how much can one human being take before they break?”

So, this was a long read for me. It took me a few weeks to get through, but I want to qualify that statement and let you know that it wasn’t due to the quality of the writing. This was a tough subject to read. I mean, how often do you read about two little boys getting brutally murdered?... Right, so I had to make my way through this one with a little more ease than usual.

Hopefully, I haven’t scared you off, because Gilly Macmillan handled this story beautifully.

I Know You Know is a dual timeline story that investigates the murders of two little boys, Charlie and Scott. The investigation was closed twenty years ago, but Cody Swift, the surviving third best friend, doesn’t believe the right man has been put behind bars—and he’s back with a podcast to try and prove that. Meanwhile, in the other timeline, a body has been discovered that may be linked to the murders from twenty years ago.

“Have you thought about what you’re doing, digging up the past? People might not like it. They might have learned to live with their feelings by now, but the feelings haven’t gone away. They never will. Be careful what you stir up.”

It turns out the characters in this novel are hiding an entire cemetery full of skeletons in their closets. For real. At the beginning of the story I was taken by Detective Fletcher. He was the one that found the boys twenty years ago, and he held one of them as they took their last breaths. But, it wasn’t long before I started questioning, well, everything about him.

At this point I wasn’t just questioning Fletcher, but literally everyone in this book. Macmillan was laying these juicy clues in the scenes from the past that forced me to reevaluate everything I thought was true in the present.

The real treats in this book were the characters. I could go on about each and every one of them, but instead I will say this: it is incredibly hard to successfully portray a sociopath in writing, and Macmillan did it wonderfully.

No, I won't tell you who it is. You have to read and find out.

“He feels a pulse of contempt for Cody Swift for trying to overturn stones that should be left as they are, settling quietly into the landscape until they look as if they’ve always been part of it.”

Finally, I want to talk about the ending. I was momentarily let down because I thought it was going to end on this anticlimactic note. BUT THEN, Macmillan swooped in and blew. my. mind.
There is the juiciest of twists, and I beg you to read this through to the end to get there!

I want to thank Gilly Macmillan, Edelweiss, & HarperCollins for the ARC!

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