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Review of Legacy by Kandi Steiner

by Kandi Steiner

Okay, let me just say that I literally binge read all four PSU books—and Black Number Four—in a row. So I have literally waited like four days to write my review because I probably could have written my own full length book on my thoughts after finishing!

I want to go back to college, and I want to apply to Palm South University.

I don’t know if there is a better way of expressing my extreme affection and for the characters in these books other than saying I want to jump into the pages and relive my college days right beside them.

So, when I was thinking about this blog post I felt like I needed to pull myself away from the first three books in order to write my review of Legacy, but now (literally as I write this) I’m starting to think differently.

The PSU series is a world built around characters who are so vivid and so real, and their journey can't be contained in the review for one book. I absolutely devoured books 1-2 (Rush, Anchor, Pledge). Between Skyler, Cassie, Ashlei, Jess, & Erin I felt like I could relate so hard to these girls. There was also so much about them that I appreciate. In fact, if I could redo college I think I would embrace some of their attitudes too ;)

Again, I could spend hours and pages talking about this series, but I’ll jump into some more Legacy specific comments as to keep this review from getting out of control.

“It’s been such a long year, filled with so much pain, and all I want is to feel whole again. I hear my mom’s voice in my head again as I ask myself how many people I’ll have to hurt in the process, and I can't find it in myself to care.”

Oh, Erin. This was a character I reallllly struggled with in Legacy. And I mean that as the highest compliment to Kandi, because Erin was SO real that she made me feel things. She has real issues, and she does some real shitty things, but she is human, and to be human is to err. I was mad at her. I didn’t like the way she was treating her friends; but also, she had to go through some terrible, awful, hard shit. And I empathized with her too.

Kandi, Erin is a shattered masterpiece. She’s a stained-glass window—broken, but still so beautiful on the sunny days.

Skyler and Cassie are my freaking girls. I think this duo works so well together because they embody the friendships that we all treasure so much. They are opposite in so many ways, but they look out for one another—and they can bicker and yell and still hug at the end.

“Kip feels like forever and I can't even call him mine.”

I could devote multiple single-spaced pages to each character in these books, but I want to talk about plot. OMFG, Kandi you absolutely crushed it! Kip was the perfect addition to the PSU world and damn did he cause a commotion. I don’t want to say too much, as not to spoil it for others, but this f**kin’ book BLEW MY MIND.

Erin’s ex and the center of Skyler’s attention had his own game to play—just like the girls. Between Erin’s insane plan, Skyler’s sneaking around, and Kip’s secrets, there was seriously no telling how it would end.

“YOU LITTLE OFFICE WHORE! Oh, my God. I’m so happy. And so proud. Tell me more! Tell me everything.

And I am OBSESSED with Ashlei’s escapades. I could read an entire novel just about her and Brandon. She and Jess keep me laughing and smiling and this was easily my favorite quote in the whole book. I’m so happy she’s happy.

And I can't wait to see how Jess finds her happiness. Damn, does she deserve it.

I’ve barely touched on the men in the book because I just love the women so much. But Bear—he is the man/friend/hugger that we all need in our lives. He is so genuine, and I am crossing my fingers for him at all times. He deserves the most happiness.

The verdict is still out for me with Adam, I’m excited to see how he and Cassie pan out in the next installment of PSU.

And I absolutely cannot waitttt for more Kade. I have a feeling he is going to climb up my list of favorite characters very quickly.

There is just soooo much to love. I love the drama, I love the sex, I love the friendships. I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on season 5!

“In the meantime, there are parties that need raging, kegs that need draining, and boys who need banging.”

I would like to thank Kandi and her PR team for the entire collection of PSU books & the ARC of Legacy. I thoroughly enjoyed them, and I am (im)patiently waiting for season 5 :)

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