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Review & Excerpt of Saving Beck by Courtney Cole

By Courtney Cole

Okay, so my review was supposed to be posted yesterday, but honestly I needed to take a day to just sit and reflect about what I’d read. Saving Beck is so much more than a story—as you’ll find out in the author’s note at the end—and in order to write the best review I simply needed more time.

“Loving someone with an addiction is a heavy burden to carry. At times, you feel alone, as though no one else could possibly understand. And most of the time, no one can, unless they’ve walked this particular path themselves.”

Some of my favorite quotes come at the beginning and end of the book in the notes from Courtney and her editor Lauren Mckenna. That isn't in ANY way, shape, or form an insult to the words that lie within, I just think it’s really powerful to hear an author say—this is real, I’ve lived this, please let my words help you.

And, Courtney, your words are going to help.

“It’s never going to get better,” he tells me today, and his face is dark and his eyes are hollow. “What’s the point of being sober if I feel like this?”

I live in an area that some call “the heroin capital of the USA,” and I’ve seen some of these sights first hand. I’ve had friends and family that slipped down that slippery slope. It’s ugly, and it’s awful, and your words paint a picture and evoke emotions that are so REAL and so VIVID.

I have to take a quick turn here to talk about the relationship between Angel and King (Beck). This was my favorite part of the book. I won’t spoil anything, but I was rooting for them. I wanted Beck and Angel to make it. I loved their love.

“Things just happen sometimes,” she said simply. “We’ll never know how or why. They just do. You’ve been punishing yourself for something that just happened. It’s time to lay your cross down, King. It’s not yours to carry.”

I have so many things to say about this book, but at the same time I find myself deleting sentence after sentence because I just can't do it justice. This might not be a book that everyone wants to read, but it’s a book that everyone needs to read.

Courtney is right, there is a pandemic going on right before our eyes and it’s time we fix it.

I want to thank Courtney Cole & Inkslinger PR for the review copy, and I’m thrilled to share an excerpt of Saving Beck:

The nurse grasps my arm, and I can’t stand anymore. My legs are tired and the adrenaline… it numbs me. I collapse beside her and she tries to hold me up, but she can’t… I’m on the ground.
My face is wet, when did I start crying?

“You have to save my son,” I beg her, my fingers curled into her arm. I stare into her eyes. Hers are green, ringed with blue, and she looks away. Something about her seems so familiar, something about those eyes.

“We’ll try, ma’am,” she says uncertainly. It’s the uncertainty that kills me. “We’ll do everything we can. I’m going to take you to a quiet room, and give you a blanket. Is there anyone I can call for you?”

I shake my head. “No. I already called my sister.”

“Okay,” the nurse says quietly and her name tag says Jessica. She takes me to a waiting room, a quiet private one, the ones they use when the outcome might not be good. I know that because I’ve been here before.

I swallow hard and she puts a cup of coffee in my hand.

As she does, she pushes a stray hair out of her face and her bracelet catches my eye. A simple chain with a silver dolphin on it. I’ve seen it before.

“You were here the night my husband was brought in,” I realize slowly. “Weren’t you? Do you remember me?”

It was a year ago. A year, two months… I check my watch… six days and twenty-two hours ago. Of course she doesn’t remember me.

But Jessica nods.  

“I’m so sorry about your husband,” she tells me now, her voice quiet and thick. “I swear to you, we did everything we could.”

“I know,” I tell her. Because I do. The accident was so bad, there’s no way anyone could’ve survived. Except for Beck. He lived. But Matt...his injuries were insurmountable. That’s what the doctor told me that night.

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