Monday, May 21, 2018

Review of Piece of Work

Piece of Work
By Staci Hart

First and foremost—Staci and her team made some bomb ass teasers and images. I mean seriously, loos at that teaser!

And the cover:

And Staci is cute as f**k too:

NOW, the book! Piece of Work was out of this world. It was original, steamy, and watching (reading) Rin’s transformation was the joy of my month.

Rin is an abnormality. She’s supermodel tall, but not supermodel thin. She’s this jigsaw puzzle made of Korean-Dutch parts, and I freaking love her. She’s the book nerd we all love, but when she finally embraces her height and her beauty she’s the boss bitch we were hoping for too.

Court is a whole different story. His masculinity fills the room, and his story gave me ALL the feels. He’s tortured, but instead of the trope-y tortured past story—his torture is right before his eyes each and every day.

Staci’s words draw you in, wrap you up, and keep you so deeply enthralled that you’ll be nearing the end of the book while wishing it would never end.

“ ‘People are going to look at me,’ I whispered.
‘People look at you anyway. Give them something to see.’ ”

I swooned over the romance, and I fell in love with the characters, but what really hooked me into this story was the girl gang that had Rin’s back. Friends are so important, and too often they’re pushed to the side in romance novels. Staci—girl—you did it right. Rin valued her friends, and they valued her too. They weren’t afraid to tell her the truth, but that didn’t create a rift. Instead, she respected and valued what they had to say.

I am HERE for the Red Lipstick Coalition.
And I hope I get to read the stories of the other members someday too.

I want to thank Social Butterfly and Staci for gifting me this ARC and letting me participate in the blog tour!

To Purchase: Piece ofWork

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