Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dual Review: Holly Renee's The Good Girls Series

Holly Renee

OKAY, first of all THE COVERS. Seriously, I haven’t stopped gushing over them since the books popped up on my kindle. They're sexy, and badass, and I cannot get enough of them. Especially WBGGTF. That side shot of the tattoo—I can't.

When Livy and Parker are **thrust** back together at the beginning of Where Good Girls Go to Die my inner bitch was clapping her hands in glee. The mix of anger & attraction had me flipping the pages as fast as I could.

“I may have been a good girl then, but you destroyed every piece of her. I actually feel bad for Emily, because you, Parker James, are where good girls go to die.”

I won’t spoil the opening scene, because gawddd, but needless to say Livy and Parker’s relationship is anything but friendly. She’s been avoiding him for years, but she suddenly finds herself very involved in his life.

And in his fiancé’s life.

If Livy is a flame, Parker is the oil, and the closer they get to one another the brighter that fire burns. Their banter gave me butterflies, their love both broke and warmed my heart, and I was crossing my fingers the entire time for their happily ever after.

I also have to gush about the setting. Connecting all these characters by way of the tattoo parlor was, in my opinion, very original and super interesting. It was a really great setting to allow the characters some really intimate scenes—and I ate that up.

You’ll no doubt be crossing your fingers for a happily ever after, too.

NOW, Staci has to be one of my favorite characters in the first book, so I was over the moon when I saw that she was the main character in the second book! I couldn’t get enough of her as Livy’s best friend, and I fell even more in love with her in Where Bad Girls Go to Fall.

I’ve always been a fan of the ‘bad girl who doesn’t want love’ trope so I was instantly bought in when she accidentally sexted Mason and he refused to delete the picture (SQUEEE!). When I said Livy and Parker’s banter gave me butterflies…Staci and Mason’s banter made me laugh out loud.

“I was about to reply back and tell him to forget it when my eyes caught the name at the top of the screen, and my heart stopped.
I read it over and over. Praying that my eyes were playing tricks on me.
Mason. Not Mark.
Mason fucking Connor.
I sent a nude photo of myself to Mason fucking Connor.”

Mason had a sleazy past, and he had a lot to prove on the monogamy front, but Staci wasn’t without her secrets either. This is where it got really juicy.

“Sweetheart. There is no way in hell I’m deleting this photo.”


Holly mastered the art of the twist in this story! I’m a fangirl for anyone that can surprise me—in a good way—when I’m reading, so it looks like Holly has a new fangirl! I did think that the twist could have gotten even more messy/juicy, but the story was interesting, funny, and HOT. I truly enjoyed both of these books, and I cannot WAIT for Where Bad Boys are Ruined…because I thinkkk that means we’re getting more of the tattoo shop…and Brandon.

*Thank you SO much to Holly Renee and the ladies at Hook, Line, & Sinkers for gifting me these ebooks!*

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