Sunday, March 18, 2018

Review of What He Doesn't Know by Kandi Steiner

What He Doesn’t Know
Fiction by Kandi Steiner
March 15, 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1985636682
Review by MacKenzie Hamilton

After reading A Love Letter to Whisky I wasn’t sure Kandi Steiner could wreck me any worse, but here I am, a blubbering mess, after finishing What He Doesn’t Know. Anyone who reads Kandi’s writing uses one word to describe it—ANGST.

“The ring on her finger was a symbol of her commitment to another man.

That alone should have sobered me. That alone should have been at the forefront of my mind, but it wasn’t.

Charlie Reid was married, she was Charlie Pierce now, and still, it didn’t matter.

I loved her, anyway.”

I mean?! If this snippet isn't making it clear enough, you are not ready. I was not ready. I actually waited a few days to write this review because I felt so connected to this story that I had to take some time to settle back into reality.

The love triangle is intense, and in a strange turn of events I found myself rooting for an affair between old neighbors. Charlie is married to handsome, hockey obsessed Cameron, but when the boy next door comes back into her life—very—unexpectedly her world goes spiraling out of control. Reese Walker is the catalyst, and like a fine wine he got so much better with age.

Kandi threw a lot at her characters in this story, but it was all SO believable. I mean, marriage struggles, the heartbreak of miscarriage, and the reigniting of an old flame. In the wrong hands this would be too much for any one character to have to bear, but Kandi stacked the burdens one on top of the other while still keeping Charlie afloat.

This multilayered, intense story rocked my world. As I mentioned above, I’m firmly planted in the team Reese camp, but that twist at the end of the story tore me. Cameron was kind of a dick, but when he finally finds his words—WOW. He used all the words he’d previously neglected to use, and he had women everywhere melting into puddles at them.

“‘Two Months,’ he whispered, still rocking me, and a new wave of tears broke loose at the sound of his voice so close to my ears. ‘That’s all I’m asking. Two months to prove to you that the vows I made still hold true, and that it’s me you're meant to be with—not him. Please,’ he begged.

Two months. A whole lot of shit can happen in two months, and I know Kandi is about to hook my heart and drag it—slowly—over each and every page of those months in What He Always Knew. And, honestly, I. Can't. Wait.

Buy this book, feel all the feels, and bow down to the queen of angst. Kandi, I’m a slave for your words and you’ve done it again.

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