Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Review of "The Bakersville Dozen" by Kristina McBride

The Bakersville Dozen
Fiction by Kristina McBride
​Sky Pony Press, August 2017
ISBN: 978-1-510708-05-1
Paperback: 304pp; $17.99
Review by MacKenzie Hamilton

Kristina McBride weaves an intricate web of deceit in her latest novel The Bakersville Dozen. This angsty thriller will leave each and every reader on the edge of their seats wondering how, who, and why at every turn of the page. McBride takes the young adult reader on a new and exciting hunt through the small town of Bakersville leaving you wondering—who do you trust when your whole world flips upside down?

Bailey Holzman is a regular high school senior; she’s readying herself for college, she’s dating her high school sweetheart, and she’s got a great group of friends around her. That is, until “The Bakersville Dozen” is released. Now, Bailey is national news. She’s on a list of thirteen girls who were given very risqué labels, and since the list appeared five of those girls have gone missing. Bailey “Like a Virgin” Holzman finds a clue in her locker that will lead her on the scavenger hunt of her life—as long as she can get to the final destination in time.

“Follow the instructions precisely,
And you’ll have the chance to
One of your girls.

Break a rule,
Ill pick off
The whole Bakersville Dozen,
One by one

Happy Hunting!”

The scavenger hunt quickly turns sinister when Bailey and her trusted group of friends realize that the prizes at the end of each clue are the missing girls, and if they don’t solve the puzzle in time the bodies they find might not be breathing.

The group is growing increasingly frustrated, and wary, with each clue they are given. It isn’t long before they start questioning whether the sinister mastermind behind it all is one of their own inner circle. The questions tear them apart, but they all still find themselves in the same final location where the sickening answers to all their questions will be revealed.

Kristina McBride has done it again with this YA thriller. She’s mastered the art of leaving the smallest possible breadcrumb clues, while not truly giving anything away. Readers of The Bakersville Dozen will find themselves reading late into the night just to find out what happens next.

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