Friday, July 13, 2018

Review of The Water Cure

The Water Cure
by Sophie Mackintosh

“King has tenderly staked out a territory for his wife and three daughters, Grace, Lia, and Sky. He has lain the barbed wire; he has anchored the buoys in the water; he has marked out a clear message: Do not enter. Or, viewed from another angle: Not safe to leave."

I’ve waited weeks to write this review, because when I finished I wasn’t even sure how I felt about the book. I don’t mean that I was unsure if I liked it, but rather the content of the book was so heavy and so muddled that I needed some time to sift through it alone.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

January to July 2018: Top Reads

Top 11 books so far this year:

I was inspired to write this post when I saw Wandereader post his fav books he’s read so far in 2018. (Love you, Chase!)
Listed in no particular order, here are my favs from January-July 2018:

K.A. Tucker NEVER disappoints. Keep Her Safe warmed my heart and kept me guessing until the end.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Review of The Distiller's Darling

The Distiller’s Darling
By Rebecca Norinne & Jamaila Brinkley

“He was never going to be the best-looking lad in the room, but he had something no other man here did: and Irish accent.”

Oh. My God. Iain and his whisky and his beard. Need I say more? Well, I will anyways.

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